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Life is too competitive for ordinary headshots. Some miami glamour headshots photographers think that 3/4 shot is better than headshots to impress, but it is not true. Both are useful for different applications. At our Miami Glamour Photo studio, we use the latest technology in digital photography for glamour, so you can take a 3/4 shot and crop to the necessary headshot.

There are many different kinds of glamour photographers to do good glamour headshots. Basically there are two groups of photographers: the Fashion photographers, who specializing in shooting models for the fashion industry, and the Glamour photographers, who specialize in Hollywood style photography. At our Kendall Portraits Glamour Photo Studio, we offer a non-compromise appointment to see our books and our art gallery. When you visit us or speak with our photographer in person, it will help you to have a rapport with them.

In Today’s economy, price is an important thing to consider. Some women spend exorbitant amounts of money on “super-photographers” only to see how their expensive headshots don’t work. At Kendall Portraits we virtually guarantee that cost doesn’t really mean much, quality does. We use lighting test prior to shooting because at Kendall Portraits lighting is the single, most important element in creating a great glamour photograph. If the lighting isn’t perfect, your photograph will suffer.

That’s why you can understand that there’s a huge difference between Natural light and a Professional Studio Lighting System, and when compared with a good studio glamour shot, there is no comparison. So why do so many glamour headshot photographers shoot with natural light?. The mainly reason is because they either cannot afford to buy the expensive equipment required to take grea glamour photography, or they simply don’t know how to use studio lighting. It takes an enormous amount of time, money, and experience to use studio lighting effectively for glamour photography.

Simply compare a headshot done with natural light, beside one done with studio lighting. Everything being equal, glamour studio shots are vastly superior to those done with daylight only. Just ask anyone who is sensitive to bright sunlight, or someone who has roasted under a blistering summer sun. And just try to shoot your next glamour headshot in the dead of night, It just isn’t possible using natural light. When it comes to creating sexy, glamorous results, studio lighting wins, period.


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