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The Erotic Art Photography created at our Kendall Photo Studio by Miami Erotic Art Photographer and Photoshop guru Alex Manfredini, refers to pictures that are primarily of provocatively clad art of sexually attractive women. These pictures generally focus only on the subject, with background and props kept to a minimum. The subjects of our award-winning Erotic Art photography are attractive women, not body parts nor sexual activity. The model is “provocative” not obscene. You will impressed by the art, not for the nude.

At our Miami Erotic Art Studio, we have the mission to create timeless nude art pieces of art that can be enjoyed for generations. Through expressive photographs we capture the essence of a woman and creates beautiful gallery quality Erotic Art portraits. Our sessions will transform you from your everyday life into a beautiful glamorous museum quality fine nude art.

Erotic Art is not just for nude models nor people that are not used to posing in front of the camera for a professional photo shoot with an Erotic Art photographers. Our experimented female crew and our award-winner artist -photographer with more than 15 years of experience as studio fine nude art photographer have taught us how to be personable and make our clients more relaxed. We promise that your time at the Erotic Art photo studio is an amazing, fun and unique experience.

We photograph Erotic Art with everyday gals - about 95% of our business is non-models from students to moms and girlfriends to wives. Our Erotic Art crew of assistants, hair stylist, and makeup artists are everyday women and we love to make you feel beautiful, sexy and confident. We love hearing from our clients that the session and the Erotic Art photography made them feel special, glamourous and pampered. We do what we do as Erotic Art photographers - and love what we do - because we get such a great response from our clients.

Most of our Erotic Art photography clients pose for the nude portrait as presents for boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends and for themselves. The Erotic Art photography created by our Erotic Art photographers make perfect birthday, anniversary, wedding, Valentine’s Day and holiday presents. In many cases, our clients originally pose for our professional fine art photographers with the intention of giving the Erotic Art photos as a present but usually during the session they realize the photos are also a present for themselves. Your taking time out of a busy schedule to pamper yourself and at the end of the session ith our Erotic Art photographer or when you leave the studio, you will be holding your head up a little bit higher and feel like the confident and sexy woman you are!

To get the best Erotic Art portrait we will advice you about the outfits, bras, garters, stockings/thigh highs, jewelry, shoes and fake eyelashes. Erotic Art are for every woman - they are about the everyday gal! While posing as a Erotic Art Model you can show as much or as little of your intimacy as you feel comfortable with. Our clients range in age from 18 to the oldest being in her 70’s. We have also had many clients choose to pose for our Erotic Art Photographer in satin, fur, dramatic lighting as in many of the Erotic Art photos.

Each fine art theme prepared by our Erotic Art photographers means that you get one makeover with professional hairstyle and makeup.. So for example if you schedule a half day session with 2 looks/themes for vintage photography, we will change everything up so you have two totally different sets of vintage pinup photos. All of our Erotic Art are customized.

There are a few things to keep in mind when preparing to pose as a Erotic Art Model. During the consultation we will discuss this and I will give you a list of these “reminders” so you arrive prepped and ready for hair and makeup!


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